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ATV & Video
Reference Sources

Video Test Signal Reference
Tektronix App Notes
NTSC Video Measurements
Tektronix App Notes
NTSC System Measurements
Television Technical Theory
Color Bars and How To Use 'em
The "P's" and "Q's" of video signals
An explanation of the "P" ratings of ATV signal quality.
Video Connector Information Page
LabGuy's World:
Extinct Video Tape Recorder Connectors
If interested in the history of video tape recorders before Betamax & VHS
you have to see
LabGuy's World.
L/C Meter IIB Almost All Digital Electronics
Home of the L/C Meter IIB
Inductance/Capacitance Meter.

A Digital Multimeter and this L/C Meter are
the two least expensive, but most used and
important pieces of test gear in my workshop!
Hardware Book Internet's largest free collection of
connector pin outs and cable descriptions.

Northwest APRS

Sphere Reasearch Corp. A Great Canadian
Test Equipment Site


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