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animated gif Hi - My name is Barry, 
VE6SBS is my amateur radio call sign
and this is me at my workbench in the
SBS (or Slow - But - Sure) Workshop
where I enjoy working on amateur radioanimated gif
and many other projects.

I have many interests & hobbies, but enjoy those that are highly technical and with neat fun things to play with the most.
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I have no shortage of projects to keep me busy and enjoy sharing them on the web. Sharing information is what the internet is about and makes so much more possible. I enjoy, make use of and appreciate what others share and hope others enjoy and find what I share as useful.


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 BEAR (Balloon Experiments with Amateur Radio) HAB (High Altitude Balloon)
 projects are on the sub-website.

Amateur TV & Video Projects is a sub-website with ATV and ATV related Video projects
to help keep things at least somewhat organized.

& Radio

Projects is a sub-website describing 2 repeater projects for the
Southern Alberta Repeater Association at it's VE6NHB repeater site. is a sub-website describing my VE6SBR repeater site
and VHF APRS Digipeater and UHF FM Voice Repeater projects.

VE6EMU 6 Meter Beacon Radio Under Construction...
IRLP Link Radios May 2004
GM300 Squelch Mod May 2004
HTX-404 Defect Jul 2001
Tiny Tracks Jul 2002
HamHUD Apr 2001
Pocket Tracker Apr 2006
IP Camera
Dericam H216W & Cybernova CN-WIP880MW
Outdoor IP Camera I.R. LED Modification
Apr 2014
Dericam H502W & Cybernova CN-WIP604MW
Pan-Tilt IP Camera I.R. LED Modification
Apr 2014
Ultra-Fast Air-Gap Camera Flash Under Construction...
My Free HP Camera Jan 2004
Canon Camera Remote Control Project Mar 2006
Electronic Compass May 2004
Workshop Renovations Jun 2002


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Results? I have gotten lots of results!
Hell, I know thousands of things that won't work!
Trying something that doesn't work is not a failure,
but one less thing to try and a step closer to success!

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"Never clutter ones mind with things you can look up"  Albert Einstein

"Never confuse motion with action."  Benjamin Franklin

"Thunder is good, thunder is impressive;

but it's lightning that does the work."

animated gifMark Twain

"Junk is something you've kept for years

and throw away just before you find a use for, and need it."  Myself


home Christmas 2000
Home of SS, BS, the ZOO &
Slow-But-Sure Workshop
September - 2003
Tower has VHF & UHF beams & omni verticals
plus various 1.2 & 2.4 GHz antennas.

What's New?
The old 'What's New' lists for each sub-website have been removed and I'm hoping to soon have a new single 'What's New' page available for the entire web site.

Information and pages on this site © Copyright 2004 by Barry Sloan - VE6SBS