IPC 53H13PE-S Board Camera Mod's
August  2015


After all the fun and success with the first IPC board camera purchased, I decided to get another, but this time only ordered a board and a network cable to use with an IRC filter and a "C" mount lens I already had. The first board had a 1/4" OV 9712 1280x720 sensor, but this time I decided to get a board with a slightly larger 1/3" AR 0130 sensor which will provide a higher resolution 1280x960 image in addition to a 1280x720 image and ordered the board seen below with a LAN cable from seller HLong Asia on AliExpress for $18.17 USD ($15+3.17 shipping) and later ordered 2 more with a lens and IRC filter in addition to a LAN cable which were only $2.50 more with a lens & IRC filter.

Board Front (Lens) Side View

Board Back Side View

My BLK18E-0012_0030-38X38_S V1.01 camera boards came with Firmware Version V4.02.R12.00006531.10010.1308. The "6531" in the firmware version is the Hardware ID which indicates the Product Model is IPC_HI3518E_53H13_S38 within which there are 4 models:
      Model 50H10PE-S   with a 1/4" OV 9712 sensor that provides 1280x720 resolution,
      Model 50H10PE-SL with a 1/4" OV 9712 sensor that provides 1280x720 resolution,
      Model 53H10PE-S   with a 1/4" AR 0140 sensor that provides 1280x720 resolution and
      Model 53H13PE-S   with a 1/3" AR 0130 sensor that provides 1280x720 or a 1280x960 resolution which is the model of my boards
from the fact that they have a 1/3" AR 0130 sensor besides having a board sticker identifying them as Model 53H13PE-S.

This board and the board I wrote about on the 50H10PE-S camera modification page appear to be identical except for the sensor and firmware used for the boards so the PoE, Audio & Alarm Mod's for both boards are basically the same and there's no need to provide more than simply images of this particular board this time and a link to my 53H13PE-S_Mods.pdf with the changes I made to this particular board.
(Disregard any reference to the camera IP in this PDF as the PDF is simple a copy of my personal CAD file used to document the changes I've made to this particular camera and the IP is simply what's used for this camera on my LAN.)

Right - The camera board after adding an
IRC filter, "C" mount lens and POE board.
(Reserved for image)

(Reserved for image)


I prefer the camera cables supplied by the seller of this board which have a single combined RJ45 and power jack as it makes things much neater, especially for PoE cameras, than using the cables I've received with most of my other cameras which split the cable wiring up near the end and have individual connectors on several pigtails.

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