IPC 54H13PE-S Board Camera Mod's
(with Sony Exmor IMX225 Sensor)

September  2016



I haven't had time to update the website lately with information about the other board cameras I've been working with, but this one with it's very sensitive Sony Exmor IMX225 Sensor has generated a lot of interest and I've received a number of emails looking for information so I've decided to at least share my CAD file information on this camera until I have time to create a more complete web page.

IMX225_Camera.pdf - Keep in mind that this is a PDF of the CAD file I use to document what I did with this camera so some information, like the camera  I.P. that's shown, is simply what I chose to use and not what yours will likely be.

Board Front (Lens) Side View

Board Back Side View




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