Dericam H216W & Cybernova CN-WIP880MW
Outdoor IP Camera PoE Modification
April 2015


Note: This is the 2nd of 2 modification pages for these cameras and carries on from the 1st page which should be seen first.

Not having to run power to each camera location makes installation so much easier and once I finished adding IR LED On/Off switches to my cameras I began purchasing camera add-on PoE boards and converting all of my non-PoE cameras to PoE operation.

Above - One of the PoE boards being used.

Left - One of the cameras with an added PoE board.

IP Camera

Above - The Modified Camera

The stock camera is made up of 3 camera boards and an IR LED board assembled with 3 sets of brass standoffs. This mod. adds a 4th PoE board that's added by replacing the 4 screws holding the 3rd board to the last set of standoffs with (4) M2 18mm long Male-Female brass standoffs and then using the 4 screws to attach the PoE board to the standoffs.

Wiring details and other information about this mod. are in this Outdoor_IPCam_Mod's.pdf.

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