Dericam H502W & Cybernova CN-WIP604MW
Indoor Pan-Tilt Camera I.R. LED Mod's
April 2014





This page is a follow-up to the Dericam & Cybernova outdoor camera modification page and much of what I wrote about them at the top of the page also applies to these indoor pan/tilt cameras so best to first visit and read the first section of that page before continuing on if you haven't already done so.

And, like before, there's a PDF (PT-IP-Cam-Mod.pdf) with a schematic and additional information.

All of the cameras have very similar firmware and the biggest difference between the outdoor and pan/tilt versions (besides the obvious) is the I.R. LED board and how I.R. control functions. Using the web interface and controlling whether I.R. is On or Off only affects the I.R. cut filter on the outdoor cameras, but on the these pan/tilt cameras the LED's are actually turned On & Off as well.

Below are images of the front and back sides of the I.R. LED board used in these 2 pan/tilt cameras and the nice thing about this mod is that the LED board doesn't require any modification and one only needs to cut the white wire and install an On/Off switch in-line with it to be able to turn the LED's On & Off without affecting the photocell's operation of the I.R. cut filter. And to connect a separately installed I.R. light source and have it controlled by the camera in the same way as the camera LED's are, one simply needs to run a wire from the added On/Off switch to the separate I.R. light source (along with the +5V and ground wires and connected to the switch as shown in the PT-IP-Cam-Mod.pdf )

IP Camera

Above - Front & Rear Views of the camera I.R. LED Board

Above - A small rectangular hole was cut in the top half of the camera module housing for the LED On/Off switch.

Left - Hot glue was used to hold the switch in place.

Left - My front door camera installed inside a dome with a home made I.R. LED light source outside the globe that's controlled by the camera. The small dark circle seen just above the LED's in the white mounting plate is a hole with the cameras relocated microphone. And to the right of the camera a network cable can be seen poking out of the soffit  for a front yard camera.

I didn't take as many photo's as I should have while modifying this camera, but will take and add more when modifying the next camera.

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