ELP-IP188 Camera PoE Mod
May 2015

This a 1MP board camera in a small metal housing that was purchased on eBay and sold as being "for bank ATM machine use" and as having "face detection" like many other such cameras also are. The camera apparently does have a face detection function, however mentioning face detection appears to simply be a sales tactic as the camera, and most likely all of the other cameras as well, actually come with the software needed to implement the function (at least mine didn't and I doubt many, if any, do)

This camera is similar to the TOP-201 that started the TOP-201 Super Mini 720P HD IP-Cam (The Cheapest IP Cam So Far !!) thread on the IP Cam Talk forum that I mentioned on my IPC Board Camera Mod's page. There are only a few posts about this particular camera as it's from a different manufacture than the thread mainly deals with, however information in other posts is often general enough to be useful regardless of the camera.

There's not enough space in a camera enclosure as small as this cameras to add a PoE board without leaving the back of the enclosure off and letting the PoE board extend out the back and this first image (right) was taken after adding a PoE board and shows how far the board sticks out the back of this camera.

Adding this PoE board was much the same as what's already been shown on my previous IP camera pages and this ELP-IP188_Camera_Mods.pdf has all the wiring and other details needed so I'm only going to show what was a bit different this time.

With such a small enclosure there's too little space to have the wiring between the two boards wrap around the PoE board and fit between it and the side of the enclosure so connector CON5 on the PoE board was moved from the top side to the bottom side of the board.

Right - 1st image is the PoE board after moving the connector and cable to the bottom side of the board. The 2nd image is while installing the PoE board and shows how the wiring was run from one side to the other between the two boards.

Below Left shows the camera board in the enclosure after the 2 screws and 2 original standoffs that held the board in place were replaced with (4) 10mm long standoffs that the PoE board will be mounted on.

Below Center is after the first attempt to install the PoE board and shows the 2 pin socket along the left side was removed to provide clearance for the PoE board CON5 connector that ended up directly over it. Longer standoffs could have simply been used instead, but I didn't want to have the board extend out of the enclosure any further than absolutely necessary.

Above Right shows the PoE board installed in the enclosure with the camera cable connected.

And as the ELP-IP188_Camera_Mods.pdf shows, this camera board includes an audio channel which I believe is the same and can be used the same way as shown on the IPC Board Camera PoE, Audio, Alarm & IR Cut Filter Photocell Mod's page and will confirm this once I receive more of the Deal Extreme Mic's.

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